Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Love/Review: Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel!!!!

This is the best, no exaggeration, the best moisturizer i have gotten my hands on!!!!!!!! EEEEEEEE!!!! lol My skin is a combination of oily/dry. I am dry/oily in my t-zone ,mainly in summer, my cheeks are usually very dry and I am sometimes oily more around my forehead and under the eyes, my skin does what it wants when it wants =/, which is a real hassle when it comes to the products i decide to put on my face since they all have different ingredients. I heard about this moisturizer while watching YT videos and through friends as well. I first heard about the lotion and when i heard that it was more oily than moisturizing,I knew it would'nt be for me. But when i read reviews for the gel, it sounded more of my skin type. It's about 25 dollars a pop (smaller size about 14), as pricy as it sounds, it is well worth the purchase. It is absolutely perfect and controls every dry/oily problem that i have. My skin looks and feels healthier every time I use it, which is everyday!!! Hope you guys enjoyed this review and took some info from it as well!!