Monday, July 16, 2012

Entwine Couture Beauty Product Rave!!!!!

I am here to scream nothing but good things about this new product I just recently tried. First and foremost I'll be exactly two years natural at the end of July. I never ever wore my natural hair out though, I always kept in my full head weaves because I didn't know how to manage my own hair. So just recently this year I gained the courage to start wearing it out because the fact that it is extremely hot in NY, it burned my pockets paying for the good quality hair and then paying my stylist, and I wanted to try something new.

It wasn't the easiest working with my thick head of hair and sometimes it had me to the point of tears because it was so new to me and was only used to the easy maintenance of curling the long straight weaves and wrapping my hair at night. And being that I have one of the most thickest textures (somewhere in the type 4 range) and very course, didn't make it any better. But I have finally managed to keep it well kept and I am extremely proud. Now sometimes,for me personally, there is the con of finding the right products for my hair so that it doesn't dry it out, keeps it moist, not to oily, etc, but this hair line does just about everything I want and need to keep my hair the exact way I want.

NOW ON TO THE PRODUCT!! I have not purchased the whole line of products..yet... but what does do it for me is the Exotique Butter-Crème Hydrator. It keeps your hair moist and gives it just the right amount of shine that you would want to keep your twist outs, braid outs, bantu knot outs etc very defined. I love love love it!! I have also purchased the raw argan oil and it's excellent as well to adding shine to my hair, and a little definitely goes a long way... Hope this helped some of you looking for a new product line for your hair, whether you're transitioning, full blown natural or even just thinking about going natural, it's definitely worth a try.. :)

Below you'll also find a picture of my recent purchase of the Exotique Butter-Crème Hydrator,  and how cute the packaging is, Enjoy!!!

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